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Advantages of daily rent apartments in Moscow

            The concept of our agency is: cheaper than a hotel, more comfortable than a hotel. We believe that this main guideline allows us to withstand stiff competition of numerous hotels in Moscow.

Why the daily rent is beneficial for you?

You pay less.

            Our agency lets apartments without intermediaries, which excludes any price cheating. Prices, listed on the site correspond to reality. In addition, we have a discount system. Of course, during the major events in Moscow, the price of short-term rental apartments can be increased, but it is always cheaper than hotel rooms. Regardless of how many people will stay in the apartment, the price of renting an apartment remains fixed.

You get more comfortable.

            Our apartments on the day are much more comfortable than a standard hotel room. Each of our apartments on the day are beautifully renovated and fully furnished with new furniture. The apartment has all modern appliances. So you can stay connected and follow the news in each of our apartments there is an unlimited free Wi-Fi Internet. We have also taken care of your leisure time: each room (in some apartments even in the kitchen) has a TV with DVD - player and a huge collection of movies on various subjects. Our agency carefully services the apartments, regularly performing cosmetic repairs and replacement of locks.

You save time and effort.

            The payment of the rent is done right on the spot, in a rented flat. No need to go to the office, spending extra time and money. Also the settlement in the office turns the rented apartment into a pig in a poke. In our case, the customer pays for the apartment after inspection, if it suits him.

            Our agency works with organizations providing registration services for foreign citizens in Moscow. For your convenience, you can order delivery by courier. In addition, we have partners providing taxi services. At your request we meet you at the train station or airport.

You choose a convenient area.

            You can rent an apartment in a convenient area of Moscow. Most of our apartments are located in close proximity to the historical monuments of Moscow and within walking distance from metro stations.

You get all the necessary documents.

            For organizations, wishing to rent an apartment in Moscow by the day, we provide cashless payment system. To do this, just send details to the email address, and then we will send you an invoice. For your accounting, we arrange all necessary travel documents: receipts, certificates, statements and so on.

We guarantee complete safety and reliability.

            All our apartments are equipped with modern security systems protecting against the penetration of any third parties. In addition, we conclude with a client a non-disclosure agreement of personal data.

             Rent an apartment by the day in Moscow — is much cheaper, more convenient and safer than a hotel room. Hotel surroundings are always less comfortable than domestic atmosphere of coziness and warmth.


What only people’s goals are when coming to Moscow. Someone is going to spend time as Pierre Bezukhov from the novel “War and Peace” when visiting English hotel: “Whole days and nights he spent lying on the sofa raised his legs and reading, or walking in his room ...” Someone has more active plans, as Gogol's Pavel Ivanovich Chichikov: business meetings, negotiations, new acquaintances, deals, etc. Whatever your plans, attitudes and habits are, you will be equally comfortable and homely snug in our apartments for daily rent. Without thinking and hesitating our customers (and they are quite numerous) prefer the apartments for daily rent to hotel accommodations.
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+7 (495) 783 8600
+7 (495) 510 5258
Билайн +7 (964) 711 3366 Любовь
МТС +7 (915) 261 5544 Любовь
Мегафон +7 (926) 155 6615 Ирина
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